I’m not sure how you got here. Maybe we know each other? Or a misspelled search word led you here? Or you went down the rabbit hole of links and found yourself with me. Whatever the reason, you’re more than welcome to stay and look around. 🙂

I write for myself. To keep track of things. I’ve been blogging since 2005 with really nothing to show for all those years that I’ve started many, many blogs. That’s because every time I look back at what I write and I feel a cringe coming on the whole site gets thrown into the trash. That was when I was a blogger-wannabe writing for others. Now I just write for myself as a mental exercise, and to document the things I read, the places I go to, and the small but significant happenings in my life.

Given that, I’m not quite sure why you’re here and why you would choose to stick around. If you do, though, I hope you find value in what you read. 🙂

noicky I am wife and mother and working hard at being a homemaker. Reader. Runner. Life-long learner. Always a starter, now learning the discipline needed to finish. I am only now really coming to terms with who I am.