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August, Please Be Kind

Screenshot of one of my entries in DayCount.

It’s the first day of August. 145 days since the world stopped. At least that’s what it seemed to me. What we thought was a week of class and work suspension because of an unfamiliar virus has turned into almost five months of working at home due to a global pandemic. While some of my friends have been busy and productive doing art, kid-friendly activities, cooking, baking…I think I’ve been running on auto-pilot.

Yes, I’ve cooked a bit, learned to make puto from a mix, done lots and lots of interpreting work, managed to keep things going with work, but if you ask me how I did it I don’t have any recollection. Auto-pilot. Mindfulness was not my thing these past months. Plus for every whatever I’ve done that you would think was productive, I’d have a list of tasks that I have yet to attend to. Even now just thinking about that list is starting to put me on edge.

But it’s the first day of August and I’d like to be more present this month. More deliberate with what I do with my time and where I put my energy into. Less of multitasking and more of concentrating on one task at a time. I know doing several things at the same time is something many people can do but it’s time for me to accept that I am not one of those people and when I decide I am going to be doing something then I need all my attention on that. This is my intention for this month.

Oh, and August, please cooperate with me on this one, it’s been an exhausting 145 days. Please be kind.


Wife and mother. Reader. Life-long learner. A great starter but now learning to carry things through to the finish. Everyday is a chance I have to learn something new.

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