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33 Days


On the afternoon of March 9, a Monday, we were sent home and we were told that classes had been suspended for the rest of the week. The growing number of COVID-19 cases in the country had alarmed the Manila City Mayor, who was in London at that time, by the way, and this was the best course of action that he could think of. Well, maybe because that was what the other city mayors did earlier that day. We all hoped that things would get sorted out by the end of the week and that come Monday all would be back to normal. Well, it’s been 33 days.

33 days of uncertainty. 33 days of anxiety. 33 days of “the new normal”. Supposedly all the introverts are thriving in this environment. I doubt it. After all, this social distancing isn’t happening on one’s terms. It’s being thrust onto us.

33 days. And truth to be told, no end in sight.


Wife and mother. Reader. Life-long learner. A great starter but now learning to carry things through to the finish. Everyday is a chance I have to learn something new.

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