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2018 Reading Challenges…and then some

Last year was not a good year for me in both blogging and reading. I have been starting and closing blogs for quite some time now, since 2005 if I’m not mistaken. I guess I haven’t really found what I really want to write about. Family life? Teaching? Until someone mentioned that one thing constant in my blogging was talking about books. And I do love books. And so here I am with my who-knows-how-many attempt at blogging but this time talking about books. And oh I love books. 🙂

That being said, last year was also a bad year for reading. According to Goodreads I only read one book. To be exact about it, I only finished one book. I started quite a number of books but didn’t get around to finishing most of them. Well, I just finished ONE.

So this year I’m going to turn things around and read…read a lot. Whether fiction or non-fiction, mysteries, historical fiction, YA literature, I will read. And I will write about what I read. I’m not a critique and I won’t pretend I’ll be writing literary essays, I’ll just write if I like a book or not and why.

As a guide to my reading this year I am following three reading challenges. It may seem daunting now but a lot of the books will be crossing challenges so I think that’s doable. These are the three reading challenges I am signing up for:

Mommy Mannegren’s 2018 Reading Challenge (52 books in 52 weeks) – but I’m not expecting a 1 book per week performance here.

Book Riot’s 2018 Read Harder Challenge – 24 tasks that challenge you to read beyond your comfort zone

The 2018 F2F Challenge by The Filipino Group on Goodreads – these are my peeps! (I mean they’re Filipinos, I’m actually a newbie to the group) And it’s not just an online group, they meet once a month to talk about the assigned read for the month.

So…here’s to more posts and reads in 2018!


Wife and mother. Reader. Life-long learner. A great starter but now learning to carry things through to the finish. Everyday is a chance I have to learn something new.

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